The best of the best Mixtress resources!

I’ve been a  Mixtress for about 2 years now. Sometimes my recipes are totally kick-@$$, and sometimes I have my @$$ kicked. Royally. Nothing teaches like experience, but it certainly helps to at least begin with sound guidance and research. A heaping scoop of patience and a few pinches of humility are also handy. That said, I’ve been asked numerous times about how I go about developing a DIY beauty recipe. While I draw information and inspiration from many sources, I’ve attempted to capture the ones I use most often in this list.
Some resources are focused on hair care, while others have more of a skin care slant. Some are very wonky and feel like chemistry class, while others approach cosmetic formulation in a layman like way. Regardless, one thing is for sure—there is a growing community of Mixtresses out there, all who for one reason or another have literally taken matters of beauty into their own hands.So go ahead. I dare you. Take a peek behind the green curtain. But be forewarned, once you go down the rabbit hole, you will never look at off-the-shelf beauty products the same.




 Are you a Mixtress? What are you fave resources for mixing it up?
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