In the Still Room with Lisa Lise: Guar Gum (Knot On My Watch) Part 1


I haven’t been this excited about a discovery since tampons way back in the day—you mean I don’t have to wear a miniature-sized diaper anymore? But I digress—so it’s a late night, and I’m enjoying a nightcap while plowing through cosmetic reports on emulsifiers (riveting stuff, seriously), guar gum to be exact.

Guar gum comes from the guar plant, and is known for its ability to thicken a mixture without the use of heat. When used in hair care products, it provides amazing slip and a nice protective wrap around the strands, sealing in moisture—not too different than the manner of silicones. I spent a good chunk of the weekend playing with a small stash and the possibilities are endless!

Guar gum is amazing in how it instantly jellifies when in contact with liquids. This was also making it a bit challenging to work with. Bummed, I began to email my good blogger buddy and Mixtress Extraordinaire, Lise of Lisa Lise Natural Skin Care for advice. As if the Hair Gods were listening to my thoughts, I found a message from Lise already waiting in my inbox:

Your ‘10 Hair Care Products I Am Fiending For That Haven’t Been Born Yet‘ has really been on my mind since I read it– most particularly the single strand knot prevention serum…I keep thinking a guar concoction of some type might be of help…

Long story short, Lise will be in her lab channeling many years of developing personalized beauty products to address this pestilence. But first, Lise will provide me with one of her base leave-in conditioners. I’ll take it for a whirl and then provide feedback. Lisa will then tweak the formula as needed and send me the revised leave-in for further test driving. We’ll continue in this iterative way and hopefully produce results that Lisa and I are both pleased with.

Giddy, much?!?  Stay tuned, because you know I will capture the whole process right here! Lise will also be blogging about it as well. Check out this cool image she made to represent our collaboration, and read more here for Lise’s take.

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What ingredient has you excited these days?