In the Still Room: Honeyquat for Hair Care (the other humectant)


Even though I’m not yet bikini-ready [*sigh] I am ready for the thick blanket of humidity that will cover the ATL like second skin.  The humidity here can be downright oppressive at times—but the moisture-heavy air is heaven for my hair.  In the meanwhile, I will be adding a wee bit of humectant to my hair care regimen. As you may already know, humectants* do a super-duper job of holding onto water, making them a great addition to your hair conditioning routine.  You may have tried the usual suspects: glycerin, aloe vera, or even honey.  But have you tried honeyquat?

Honeyquat is a natural agent that is derived from pure honey.  It is used is hair and skin care products due to its ability to bind readily with water, and because it has twice the moisturizing ability than that of glycerin, a more widely known humectant.  Honeyquat also has the ability to penetrate the hair shaft.  Its “lubricating” properties increase the wet-comb-ability of hair—-i.e.  it can make detangling easier.

How to Use Honeyquat for Hair Care

The recommended use of honeyquat is 2 – 5% of the product’s total volume. Caution: Do not get heavy-handed with honeyquat. Again, it has the amazing ability to grab hold of water. Using more than the recommended percentage can leave hair feeling sticky and mushy.

Honeyquat 50 (includes preservative) can be purchased online at

Have you ever used honeyquat? How did it work out for you?

*For more info on humectants, check out this post from The Natural Haven.  The post focuses on glycerin, but includes good basic info on how humectants behave.  It also addresses the belief that humectants dry the hair out during winter months due to the absence of moisture in the air.