cKc: Name that product


A few weeks ago Lise, my partner in curl care concoctions, sent me this little sample –  the product is odorless, colorless, and easy to use, but is still unfinished.

What’s it for?
The contents of this bottle are hopefully the answer to requests we have received from several members of the cKc tester team  – a ‘finishing product’ for curls that ‘seals in moisture’ and ‘adds gloss’. So far, it has been tested by 4 curly heads and the feedback has been thumbs up from everyone. I loved it—gave the Baby Kittens’ ponytails a high dose of bling!

But winner or not, this product is still unfinished. It has no name.

Pop over to Lise’s blog to learn more about this awesome product, and tell us what you think we should call it!