9 grams of life: In the driver’s seat


Compared to last month, it seems I’ve spent more time out and about, driving all over town for this, that and the other. I did, however, slow down here and there to take in the view. For example:

|1.| I snapped this sunset after tucking The Baby Kittens in bed early for once.  |2.| Looks like I may enjoy some okra after all before the summer ends.  |3.| Only in Atlanta…a custom Gucci-ed Fiat.  |4.| Beautiful, smog-less weather (a rarity) and midtown Atlanta’s skyline.  |5.| I’ve been doing quite a bit of ingredients shopping. Stay tuned for new mixes!  |6.| A sinfully delish chorizo, hasbrowns, eggs and manchego burger from Flip.  |7.| Smile, already.  |8.| Yeah, what she said.  |9.| I renewed my driver’s license and wore my hair “out.” It didn’t quite fit in the frame. *shrugs*