9 grams of life: Fall, summer + everything in between


It’s official. Summer is over. The signs are all there.

|1.| Check out these Great Pumpkins. If you carve one this year, save the pulp. It’s a great ingredient to use in facials. Recipe coming soon!  |2.| The Kitchen Garden is winding down. I used the last harvest of thyme to make a twist on this facial toner recipe, but using rice wine vinegar.  |3.| I’m going to plant a dwarf-sized fig tree. Apparently, they’re pretty hardy and can survive the winter in warmer climes like Georgia with a little extra TLC.  |4.| I bought a roll of cookie dough to use in a waffle (yes, waffle) recipe I stumbled upon. I decided chocolate chip cookie waffles may be a bit much for my stomach, and had good ol’ cookies and milk instead.  |5.| In an attempt to get a better night’s sleep, I’ve cut back on coffee, and have upped my tea game. I love the positive affirmations on the tags (‘The heart sees deeper than the eye.’). Can’t wait for daylight savings time to end when we “fall back” and gain an hour of sleep.  |6.| I was at a fund raiser recently and found myself at a loss for which glass to use when. Despite this quandary, it was a great reason to get dolled up. Should be more of that to come as we get closer into the holiday season.  |7.| 8.|9.| I managed a quick getaway home to Virginia to see my big sis and brother-in-law before they fly back to Mexico. We spent the weekend cooking, eating, drinking and talking politics. I also hit the beach to get my toes a little sandy. Good times.

Are you excited about Fall? What are you looking forward to? By the way, there are only 90 days, 6 hours, 43 minutes, and 49 seconds holiday shopping days left!