1. The Manifesto (how this all began)
  2. How a French Press Makes Coffee 87% More Delightful
  3. Got the blues? 6½ ways ginger root will make you instantly happy
  4. DIY Mud Wash for Hair: The Remix
  5. Blackberry Cordial Recipe That You Can Make In Your Backyard In Time For Memorial Day
  6. Kitchen Garden: Growing herbs for beauty, food + libations
  7. Lola’s List: Mama’s got a gun (5 things skeet shooting taught me about life)
  8. Peach Soup, winter where you summer + other advice for the second homeless
  9. A lot of pomp and some circumstance (bidding fare thee well to paper towels)
  10. Champagne-Soaked Strawberries (you’re welcome)