Whatever Lola wants: ‘Toast-it notes’ by Sasha Teng


There are times when we have all succumb to the strong desire to spend hard-earned money on something completely and utterly useless. There are no grand delusions of this something ever having a worthwhile return on investment, but like YouTube cat videos, baby chimpanzees and old people holding hands, said thing is heavy in the “Awww” department. File this kitchen gadget in that category.

My toaster works just fine, but this model by Sasha Teng allows you to burn a custom message in your own handwriting into a slice of bread. The toaster also includes the options of burning a schedule or a comic icon into the bread. With this I could surprise my girls with messages on their school lunches like “Good luck on your test today” or “Don’t forget to bring your jacket home.” Even better, I could toast messages to myself, and put the toast back in the bread bag so that when I reach inside to make a sandwich I’ll be greeted with “Put down the d@mn carbs” or “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Quite clever, but useless indeed. And not nearly as handy as this apple divider that I just bought.

Fancy stuff, huh?

Have you ever spent your dough on something as unnecessary as that toaster?