In the Still Room: Slippery Elm for Hair Care (why you may need it in your life)


I’m a big fan of slippery elm, and recently I came across a report that made me heart it even more: Effect of procyandin oligomers on oxidative hair damage by Moon-Moon Kim of Dong-Eui University. 

That’s a mouth full, but here’s the skinny from the study:

  • Elm extract contains procyanidins, a flavonoid. When hair was treated with elm extract BEFORE being exposed to hydrogen peroxide and ammonia (found is most hair dyes), surface damage and protein loss was reduced because of the procyanidins. The elm’s procyanidins were found to bind strongly with the hair’s protein, increasing its tensile strength.
  • The study also suggests that elm extract and its procyanidins promote hair growth and protect against damage from perming, sun and aging.

Wowzers–that’s major!

Is slippery elm a part of your life?