DIY Rosewater for Hair Care


Rosewater is a thousand year-old beauty secret. Spritzing the hair with rosewater is a great way to moisturize dry tresses. Rosewater is also your scalp’s best friend because of its ability to soothe, heal and increase blood circulation. Although you can purchase ready-made rosewater in stores, beware that often the amazing benefits of rosewater have been diluted with filler ingredients. Making your own rosewater can be fun, easy and will fill your home with the sweet, heady scent of roses.

Rosewater Hair Spritz

  1. Place 1 cup of dried rose petals in a glass bowl.
  2. Boil 1 quart of water, and pour into glass bowl over rose petals. Allow to steep for 30 minutes (any longer and the natural benefits described above will lessen).
  3. Strain petals from the rosewater, and pour the rosewater into a spray bottle.
  4. For added moisture, three-quarters of the bottle with rosewater, and one-quarter of the bottle with aloe vera juice or glycerin.

This mixture will last about 2 weeks if refrigerated.

Rosebuds can be found at most health food stores that sell bulk herbs, and can also be purchased online at Mountain Rose Herbs.

Have you ever use rosewater in your hair care regimen?