This is my curated homage to opulent living that is seldom about money, yet is rich in spades. This collection of discovery is an itinerary for those who believe that life is elevated when an array of small joys are thoughtfully strung together.


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pleasure taken seriously


Hydrangeas, however


My newly planted hydrangeas are finally blooming. Next year this time, I’m hoping to have a full on bush of these beauties. In the meanwhile, my next door neighbors have been so kind as to let me snip a few from their yard. I’d keep a vase of hydrangeas on the breakfast table all summer long if I could.

Nowadays, hydrangeas are a symbol of friendship and hospitality, though folklore would have us believe that hydrangeas ward off evil curses. I simply love them for their looks. Roses and tulips are known for their grace and elegance. Hydrangeas, however, are boastful and lusty. What’s not to love?


5 years from now (written 9 years ago)


Assume that:

Hard drive space is free

Wifi like connections are everywhere

Connections speeds are 10 to 100 times faster

Everyone has a digital camera

Everyone carries a device that is sort of like a laptop, but cheap and tiny

The number of new products introduced every day is five times greater than now

Wal-Mart’s sales are three times as big

Any manufactured product that’s more than five years old in design sells at commodity pricing

The retirement age will be five years higher than it is now

Your current profession will either be gone or totally different

What then?

~Seth Godin, 2004

amy sherald

Amy Sherald


I’m not sure what resonates more–the mind-blowing portraits by Amy Sherald, or the inspiration behind the Georgia-born and Baltimore-based artist’s work.

The scope of my experiences involving race materialized from my upbringing in the south. While attending private schools and being one of two or three black children, I was raised to be conscious of how I acted, spoke and dressed. This performing aspect of my identity was cultivated from the beginning of my schooling. I learned this was the key to my social acceptance and assimilation. Drawing from these experiences, I am engaging from a personal perspective with the desire to extrapolate meaning on how identity is both constructed and performed within political, social, economic and cultural spheres.

Read More


Oscar de la Renta and Paperless Post Get Hitched + Thoughts On Elegance


Oscar de la Renta is now available to (sorta) graciously announce your wedding, dinner party or girls’ night out. For a small fee, he will even say “thank you” in the ridiculously stylish way that only he can. Through Paperless Post, that is. The famed designer just released a line of wedding invitations, save-the-date cards, stationery and general entertaining invitations. I’m really stanning for Patchwork Tweed II, shown here, in blue. Kinda makes Evite look like Windows 95, huh? I took some of you, wayyy back with that one. Read More

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The Best Natural and Organic Ingredients for DIY Hair Care


Spoiler alert: The following list of natural and organic ingredients for DIY hair care has the potential to turn you into a certified ingredients junkie. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Vegetable Butters for DIY Hair Care

(via Natural Beauty Workshop)

These rich, creamy butters can be used to moisturize and condition hair. They are especially effective when used in deep conditioning masks and treatments. Vegetable butters are also great for soothing dry, itchy scalps. Vegetable butters are great for use in cold processed shampoo bars too! Add one of these creamy butters to your shampoo formulations to provide extra conditioning properties.

Carrier Oils for DIY Hair Care

There are a multitude of Carrier Oils that can be beneficial to hair care, but these are the cream of the crop. Carrier oils can be used in their pure form as hair oil, or they can be worked into formulations such as pomades, conditioners, or even shampoos. Try blending several of your favorites together to create custom oil treatments, scalp massage blends, or hair serums.

Get the full scoop on herbs, extracts and more over at The Natural Beauty Workshop!

iflask, flask that looks like an iphone, iphone flask

Whatever Lola Wants: iFlask


I could have really used this flask masquerading as an iPhone in college for tailgating and Dave Matthews concerts. Nonetheless, it’s  a great way for a lady to have her libations and still look like a lady. That is, if you don’t think it’s terribly unladylike to drink from a headphone jack.

iFlask Features

  • Holds 5oz of your favorite beverage
  • Extremely discreet design
  • Polycarbonate and stainless steel frame
  • Includes a collapsible funnel

The iFlask even has a bottle opener on the back for your drinking convenience.

When I come across clever products like this, I always wonder about the motivation behind the product. According to iFlask founders:

Well first its super cool, Duh!! But it’s a great conversation starter. Its super discrete, and it will make you the talk of the town :)… The iFlask makes it just that much more nonchalant so you can walk around not looking like THAT guy. 

Or gal. Go getcha one here!


The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago


The next best time to plant a tree is now.

I know that Chines proverb is supposed to motivate one to action, but I think it’s quite depressing. What is more dreadful than wasted time?

Although just as effective, I prefer Karen Lamb’s not so alarmist take on the same sitchy: “A year from now you may wish you had started today.

I wish I had cut out the mid-afternoon snacking a year ago. Perhaps I would feel better about the impending swimsuit season.

I could go on but it’s such a slippery slope.

What do you wish you had started a year ago? Will you start it today?

Photo credit: Small Apples, 1984, Kristoffer Albrecht

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