Lola Zabeth on the airways!


The highlight of my Sundays is usually the new episode of HBO’s hit vamp series, True Blood. This Sunday, however, I excitedly found myself in the KISS 104 Atlanta broadcast studios as a guest on the Jennifer Keitt Show. Jennifer invited me to share my favorite DIY beauty recipes for an on-air DIY spa party. Actress and comedian Kim Coles was also a guest and shared her own DIY beauty secrets (she loves to pre-poo her hair with olive oil), and weighed in on “Gabby-gate.” The lively Braxton Family also dish beauty tips: “Mascara! Makes the eyes pop! Boom!”

I had the best time ever, but don’t take my word for it, have a listen for yourself here. Playing back to the broadcast, I never realized how much I sound like a southern-fried Kermit the Frog o_O. Anyhoo, you can also check the quickie tutorial we shot just after the show. I have headphones-hair and I’m grinning like a loon, but here goes :)

What’s your fave DIY beauty tip?