Red, red wine (bottoms up)


Every time I mix myself and the Mister a cocktail, I feel a wee bit guilty that I’m not drinking a glass of red wine instead. Mentally, I make the commitment as I down my drink: Yes, beginning Monday (why do goals always have to begin on Monday), I will have a glass of red wine with dinner. It’s pretty widely known that red wine contains resveratrol which helps reduce inflammation of the body. Past studies have shown that resveratrol helps lower cholesterol, reduces the risk of heart disease and even certain forms of cancer. But in a new study conducted by Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, researchers have found that resveratrol can help lessen the decline of mobility as we get old and crotchety mature.

KYW Newsradio Medical Editor Dr. Brian McDonough says, “This report takes a look at balance issues in the elderly. If there was something out there that could help reduce the incidence of falls it would be critical and certainly beneficial.”

With such good findings, maybe I should start this new habit over the weekend—why wait until Monday? On the other hand, one would have to drink at least a bottle of wine compared to just a handful of grapes, blueberries or other dark-skinned fruits to get the same amount of resveratrol. And after downing an entire bottle of wine, elderly or not, I will most certainly have “balance issues.” Just saying.

Sigh. What’s a girl to do? Anyhoo, cheers and have a fab weekend!