Life + Libations: Booze Soup for the Soul


This week kicked my @$$. No way to sugar coat it. I just want to sit on the couch this weekend and watch reruns of 227. But first I’m going to ring in the weekend with Soup Cocktails for The Mister and I. The Bryant Park Hotel‘s Cellar Bar just rolled out these boozey options (talk about multi-tasking!):

  • Lobster Bisque “infused with Harvey’s Bristol Crème and porto, with seasonal spices and cayenne pepper”
  • Carrot Ginger with “Domaine de Canton and Frangelico liqueurs.”
  • Herb-Tomato “blended with vodka and raspberry liqueur and finished with a pinch of sea salt, dry basil and black pepper”

I’m going to try mixing up a version of this one^^^.  Depending on how it turns out, I may have to  carry a stash to the office next week in a thermos. You know, for morale and what not.

Would you ever try something like this?