Kitchen Garden: When life gives you tomatoes, make a cocktail


This Mister makes a cameo appearance.

I couldn’t have stumbled upon this cocktail recipe at a better time. Summer is fading, but my garden is doubling down. While I’ve only had one (insert long, sad sigh) eggplant this summer, I’ve got crazy tomatoes and basil. Enter The Dream Weaver, a signature drink from Charleston (one of my fave cities is the whole wide wide) Husk Bar.

As fresh as the morning dew, this cocktail will get you through the night. Cardinal gin, Jack Rudy tonic, Heirloom tomatoes, mint and lime basil leaves, bourbon smoked salt and pepper.

This just begs one to get up on Sunday morning in time for early service, so one can make it home in time to whip up a pitcher to accompany a hearty brunch.

Dream Weaver (via Garden & Gun)

½  cup diced tomatoes
6-8  mint leaves
6-8  lime basil leaves
½ oz.  Jack Rudy Tonic
1 ½  oz. gin
Squeeze 1 lime wedge
Bourbon smoked salt and pepper rim glass


  1. Rim a rocks glass in lime juice; dip into bourbon smoked salt and fresh-cracked pepper
  2. Add ½ cup diced tomatoes (Purple Cherokees, Sunburst, or any available heirlooms)
  3. Add 6-8 leaves of fresh mint and lime basil (Include the flower of the lime basil plant, if possible, as they contain most of the oil)
  4. Add ½ oz. Jack Rudy Tonic (if you don’t have Jack Rudy, use the same amount of simple syrup and a squeeze of lime as a substitute)
  5. Add 1 ½ oz. gin. We chose Cardinal Gin from King’s Mountain, North Carolina, but any floral gin will do.
  6. Muddle all ingredients together and shake in a cocktail shaker.
  7. Double strain into your salt-rimmed glass

Oh, and how about this cocktail recipe book that I scored at a thrift store. Lots of oldies but goodies…