Kitchen Garden: More herbs + veggies


I spent a good chunk of last weekend playing in dirt. Despite the 90 plus degree weather, I decided to expand my little Kitchen Garden. It was a lot of work, but I am literally seeing the fruits of my labor since planting just a few days ago.

The Mister, who does not want photos of him or The Baby Kittens posted (oh, okay), was kind enough to help me schlep garden supplies.

I added a small window box of lavender, mojito mint (!!!), oregano, pineapple sage and (more) rosemary. I also added okra, marconi, gypsy and cayenne pepper plants to a few containers.

The tomatoes and sweet banana peppers are coming along nicely….

…but the real star of the show is the anaheim pepper plant that I just transferred on Saturday early evening. By Sunday afternoon, look what was hanging from the vine. I $hit you not, ’twas not there the day before.

“That can’t be,” says The Mister.

“Baby, you were there when we bought the pepper plant. Was there even a hint of a pepper at the time?” I retort.

“No, but still…,” he says scratching his head.

I’m scratching my head too. Not because I’m perplexed, but because my scalp could use a good cleaning after toiling and sweating away in the garden. Off to scrub-a-dub with cKc (more on that later)…

What’s in your garden?