In the Still Room: Guar Gum (knot on my watch) Part 2


Speaking of joy and pain, you may recall in this post how Guar Gum had me feeling some kind of way. I was ready to throw in the towel when Lisa Lise, my Sister From Another Mister and Mixtress Extraordinaire stepped in and talked me down from the ledge. And thus began our quest to develop a guar gum based leave-in that will undoubtedly (no pressure, Lise :)) kick @$$ and take names.Our collabo kicked off with me taking one of Lise’s base leave-in conditioners and protein gel for a spin:

The Coily-Kinky-Curly hair care case study is in full operation, but we are forced to deal with distance as Lola and I are on either side of the big pond. Nevertheless, nothing shall stop us from our quest!

Great Feedback
Lola has now tried the samples of Leave-in Conditioner and Protein Hair Gel I sent to her. She sent me some great feedback, going into detail about how she used the products (wet hair – dry hair – after washing etc etc) and how the reaction was. [read more at Lise’s blog]

Along with my initial feedback, I also recommended to Lise lots of useful blog posts and YouTube videos to give her more insight into natural hair. At one point Lise emailed me to say: ‘I haven’t gotten a thing done today.. I’ve been watching Maeling Tapp’s vlog…’ So Lise went back to the lab to begin tweaking…

Here is a sneak peek at a serum Lola and I are working on. It shall hopefully help bust (or at the very least alleviate) the single strand knot problem that plagues many coily-kinky-curly haired ladies.

In Lab 1: The Base is Created
I’ve created a guar gel as the basis for this serum. Guar is a plant-based alternative to silicone, providing a protective layer to each strand of hair that also offers extra slip. [read more at Lise’s blog]

I am giddy with anticipation for the new sample to arrive—Lise’s energy and excitement are absolutely contagious! Check the amazing graphics she has put together to represent this Coily Kinky Curly adventure.

Yeah, yeah, I know. We remind you of Jay-Z and Kanye. I was just thinking the same thing whilst humming a few bars from Watch the Throne. Lise is def more Hov-like—very thoughtful and methodical in her approach, whereas I’m more like Yeezy—prone to jump feet first and come out of my mouth with something that I’ll end up apologizing for later. Anyhoo, I’m gonna take a page from Lise’s book, slow it down and enjoy the whole process.

You gotta crawl ‘fore you ball, yes?