In the Still Room: Egg Oil for Hair Care (straight cholesterol, hold the mayo!)


Sometimes a girl needs the fat—straight, no chaser. Which is why I’m all giddy about the possibilities of egg oil. You heard it here first–egg oil could be the next “It Oil” in the cosmetics industry, and quite possibly the Cholesterol Messiah for parched strands. While mayonnaise is a tried and true cholesterol hair treatment, this oil may be the answer for tresses craving the fat, but are “sensitive” to mayo’s protein.

It is a high quality, protein-free source of cholesterol extracted from hen eggs that is readily absorbed into the hair and skin, and is beginning to get buzz due to its impressive ability to hydrate and improve the health of damaged hair and skin.

Benefits of Egg Oil for Hair Care

  • Absorbs quickly and easily
  • Highly moisturizing and emollient
  • Humectant
  • Contains +/- 4% cholesterol
  • High in fatty and essential fatty acids
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • May reduce premature hair loss

My mind is reeling with the possibilities of how egg oil can be used…stay tuned!

Has your hair benefited from cholesterol treatments?