The Hat Trick (get thee behind me, bad hair day!)


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Yeah, but $hit bad hair days still happen. My go-to cure? A low bun, and a smart hat. I’m not into the whole baseball cap thing. Kudos to those who can pull off that look gracefully. My style is more reserved—think Holly Golightly, but a little disheveled and desperately needing to remove her chipped nail polish. Much like a Compensation Bag, these hats say that thought, time and effort have been invested, even if just an illusion.

|1.| Great summer look and won’t look odd even if you’re miles away from the beach.  |2.| How about that sassy bow? Looks tart (in a good way) with a pin-up girl red lip.  |3.| I think I can pull off the forlorn flapper look.  |4.| The timeless French beret, oui?  |5.| If Gilligan was stylish, sophisticated and of the double-X chromosome persuasion, he’d don this.  |6.| Lose the fur stole and dress, and add a classic white oxford and jeans… voila!  |7.| A pageboy is as with-it now, as it was back when Coco Chanel rocked it back in the day.  |8.| These Vuitton looks are sprinkled with kitsch, but steeped in classic.

What’s your cure for a bad hair day? Do you ever pull a hat trick?