DIY Exfoliating Lavender Cleansing Bar


Mixtress extraordinaire, Lise, is back at it again! Check out these exfoliating bars—looks like a yummy dessert, yes? And how about the ingredients:

  • 44 gr (1,6 oz) cocoa butter
  • 40 gr (1,4 oz) shea butter
  • 55 ml (1,8 fluid oz) almond oil
  • 25 ml (0,8 fluid oz) castor oil
  • 65 gr (2,1 oz) white clay
  • 4,5 gr (0,15 oz) dried lavender
  • 4 gr  (0,14 oz) jojoba beads (optional)
  • lavender essential oil (optional)

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Yep! This could make for a lovely ‘poo bar as well.

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