DIY Natural Deodorant Sprays


TMI alert: On the weekends, I take a break from deodorant. This hasn’t created much of a stink, pun intended, because I sweat the heaviest when I’m mentally stressed out. On the weekends, I’m a chilled-out little buddha, so all good. Wish I could say the same about the workweek. Anyhoo, I’ve been collecting DIY natural deodorant recipes with the hopes of keeping my pits fresh without a case of the itchies and irritation that commercial brands sometimes give me.

Below are a couple of very simple recipes from my good friends over at Mountain Rose Herbs.

Sweet Orange & Vetiver (click the links to shop the ingredients)

Cedarwood & Juniper (click the links to shop the ingredients)

Pour all ingredients into a 2 oz glass bottle and top with a little more Witch Hazel. Cap with a mister top and shake well before spritzing liberally under the arms. Reapply as needed.

Need more options? Here are other DIY deodorant recipes to ponder:

Also, you may want to check out Sweat the small stuff (inspiration for perspiration) for a little more, uh, in depth sweat control.

What brand deodorant/antipersipiant do you uses? Would you, or have you ever made your own?