This is my curated homage to opulent living that is seldom about money, yet is rich in spades. This collection of discovery is an itinerary for those who believe that life is elevated when an array of small joys are thoughtfully strung together.


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pleasure taken seriously



Chilled [insert your fave libation] with Frozen Sour Grapes


Many cocktails are their yummiest when chilled. Ice cubes are cool, but let’s step outside the bottle and use frozen grapes instead. They’re way sexier, and won’t melt and dilute your drink. Also, the grapes are a looovely treat after they’ve had some time to soak up a little drinky-drink. They were just perfect after the 30 minutes Read More

damiana leaf, damiana liquor

Damiana the Aprhodisiac (the Big O)


So I’m doing some research, trying to find a cheeky birthday gift for a good girlfriend and fellow Vodkaphile when I come across Damiana— a light liqueur made with the damiana herb native to Baha California, Mexico.  It apparently has great mixability and a sweetness that works well as a shooter.  Legend has it that Read More


Life + Libations: French 75


Ever since I posted Order A Drink Like A Grown @$$ Woman (please), I’ve gotten several requests for recommendations. I’m not a lush, promise. But just in case you’re a grown @$$ women looking for a new drink to try, I give thee the French 75. Basically, it’s a Gin & Juice for fancy-pants folks Read More

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