This is my curated homage to opulent living that is seldom about money, yet is rich in spades. This collection of discovery is an itinerary for those who believe that life is elevated when an array of small joys are thoughtfully strung together.


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pleasure taken seriously

kitchen garden


Hydrangeas, however


My newly planted hydrangeas are finally blooming. Next year this time, I’m hoping to have a full on bush of these beauties. In the meanwhile, my next door neighbors have been so kind as to let me snip a few from their yard. I’d keep a vase of hydrangeas on the breakfast table all summer Read More

benefits and uses of ginger root

Got the blues? 6½ ways ginger root will make you instantly happy


I don’t believe that lasting happiness is typically achieved through stuff like a job promotion, a new home or adopting a puppy, although there’s no doubt that such happenings deliver a jolt. According to the new documentary Happy, status (career, relationship status, income) only account for 10% of the differences in our levels of happiness. Read More


Kitchen Garden: Bigger isn’t always better


With 80 plus degree weather and a good share of rainy days, I’ve let my kitchen garden coast along on auto-pilot for the last coupla weeks. I finally got around to harvesting this weekend, and although there was a fair bounty of peppers, tomatoes and basil, things had gotten a bit out of control.


Kitchen Garden: When life gives you tomatoes, make a cocktail


This Mister makes a cameo appearance. I couldn’t have stumbled upon this cocktail recipe at a better time. Summer is fading, but my garden is doubling down. While I’ve only had one (insert long, sad sigh) eggplant this summer, I’ve got crazy tomatoes and basil. Enter The Dream Weaver, a signature drink from Charleston (one Read More


Life is a garden. Dig it.


Gardening is a labor of love. Many a morning I wake up with sore and aching muscles after toiling away in the dirt the day before. Then there are the days when I am white-hot angry because a chipmunk or squirrel wreaked havoc on my poor garden. And I can’t even begin to tell you Read More