Aphrodisiac food: truffles (hot sex on a platter)


Some foods are incredibly sexy even before you taste them. That’s my very humble and unscientific 2 cents. But some foods, like truffles, have had a sexy reputation since ancient times. Truffles grow underground, are warty, and not very attractive. So how is it that mere fungus can get folks all hot and bothered?

Well babes, the beauty lies in its musky scent the smells a lot like the male pheromone, androstenone. Apparently that’s why female pigs are such good truffle hunters—they get one whiff and lose their little minds. It’s because of this aphrodisiac magic that truffles are often called the “testicles of the earth”. Ha!

Eat it

There are several variety of truffles, but black (said to have the most aphrodisiac potency) and white are the most common. Truffles are kind of a big deal in the culinary world and are usually reserved for haute cuisine. That’s cool and what not, but I just want to scramble some in my eggs for breakfast.  I hear truffles are also muy tasty:

  • shaved and served over past
  • sprinkled over a salad
  • stuffed into meats and cheeses

A not-so-pricey alternative to truffles is truffle oil. Be sure you read the label before purchasing as most of what you’ll find on market shelves is really just olive oil infused with synthetic truffle flavoring. And then there’s Truffle Vodka—I can only imagine how divine a cocktail this would make. Sigh.

Anyhoo, folklore aside , there is no evidence to suggest that truffles will get you haute, so you’ll just have to try for yourself. At the very least, truffles are chock full of protein and amino acids which will get your hair and nails pretty excited.

Buy it

Don’t expect to just walk in your average grocery store and pick up a couple of truffles. You’ll have better luck at a gourmet food store, and  you can totally buy a jar of truffles online. For fresh truffles, however, you may want to try these vendors:

Oregon Wild Edibles
MycoLogical Natural Products
Tartufi Unlimited
The Wine and Truffle Co.
Truffles USA
Gourmet Foodstore
Earthy Delights
Marky’s Caviar
US Shops

Amazingly Costco carries authentic chocolate truffles from Chocmod Truffettes de France, a froo-froo-she-she confectionery. Costco kept them in stock during the holidays, and I’m hoping they will bring them back for Valentine’s Day.

Oops, I almost forgot—here’s a little something for my old heads:

Hot Sex On A Platter (from the Boomerang soundtrack), A Tribe Called Quest, 1992.

Have you ever tried truffles? Did it get you there?