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DIY mud wash for hair, how to make mud wash for hair

DIY Mud Wash for Hair: The Remix


Sometimes you have to get a little dirty to come clean. As is the case with this new remix to my original DIY Mud Wash for Hair recipe. This version still uses bentonite clay as the base, and aloe vera juice for moisture, but introduces some new ingredients that I’ve been playing with. I’ve been Read More


9 ways to pimp your ‘poo


Disclosure: I only use shampoo after swimming (spring and summer) or sloshing through a mosh pit at Coachella (I’ve neither experienced a mosh pit, nor Coachella, but they’re both on my bucket list). When I do break out the ‘poo, I always add a little something, something to really set it off. What? You’ve never Read More


DIY Mud Wash for Hair


Most Naturalistas are up on the magic of bentonite clay, and how thoroughly it can cleanse the strands and scalp without stripping. But as you can tell by the other ingredients in this mud wash recipe, it’s all about the scalp and delivering the goods to maintain healthy¬†follicles. After using this mud wash several times, Read More