10 ways to indulge yourself this weekend


Got big plans for the weekend? Dinner and a movie (yawn)? Clubbin’ with the girls (double yawn)? Here are some unconventional ways to waste away those precious hours. Try several. Try just one. Just try.

  1. Stay in bed all day long.  And I mean all day. Refrain from showering, brushing teeth or anything that resembles hygiene. Binge-watch a couple of seasons of your fave TV series. Be sloth-like and merry.
  2. Take a digital detox.  Technology makes it so easy to stay connected to everything and everyone. But sometimes, if only for a day or two, we need to unplug. Take a break from TV, radio, the internet, mobile devices and anything else you would not be permitted to use during take-off and landing.
  3. Go to the movies. By yourself.  No need to compromise on the pick. No one yip-yapping in your ear. Play your cards right, coordinate start times and see two or even three flicks back to back.
  4. Take an oath of silence.  Talking requires thought, which exerts energy. Give yourself time off from such strenuous activity.
  5. Go to an all you can eat buffet.  And make a concerted effort to eat all you can. Pace yourself by catching up on a book or magazine in between plates.
  6. Go to bed early.  Just because you’re a grown up doesn’t mean you have to burn the midnight oil. Tuck yourself in at 8pm and call it a night.
  7. Take a bath.  Fill the water to the top and don’t get out until the water is room temperature. If you really want to take it there, add milk.
  8. Check into a local hotel.  Order room service, swim in the pool, close your eyes and pretend you’re on vacation.
  9. Take a bus or train ride to another city and do any of the above.
  10. Plan to call in sick on Monday.  On Monday, repeat any of the above.
Have you ever spent a weekend doing any of these? Was it the most-est?